The Supreme Court Library  

What is the Supreme Court Library and what do I find there?

The Supreme Court Library is a virtual library where there are stored every single case submitted and all the infos connected to it.
Whether the case was declined, ruled on, settled out of court and so on, you will find it there with every info available to the public! I'm talking about who was the judge, what was the outcome, evidence link where possible by law, official court opinion and a comment on the case, if needed

Why was the Supreme Court Library made public?

We believe that the current hearing page is functioning very well, but it's hard to navigate through the cases and sometimes it's just not easy to find the one you were looking for. With the Supreme Court Library, finding a case will just be a matter of seconds.

We also believe in transparency and freedom of information to everyone. Having every case in just one place makes it easier to find anything you want, regardless of your skills with navigating the site!

N.B. Every info in the sheet was obtained in one of the following ways: it's in the public hearing page on site, it was said during a public hearing or it was requested to the DoJ with previous consultation that Right to Privacy is not breached.
Infos from closed cases are not included in the library.


Access the Supreme Court Library


March 10th 2021, 7:38 PM GMT

Originally written on March 9th 2021, 4:17 PM GMT by shanebrekot.


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