Judicial Medium Ranks  


District Judge

District Judges (DJs) are certified employees of the Judicial Branch that are capable of and have sufficient permissions to preside over District Court cases. They are expected to and usually Judge Mock Trials to not only gain experience but to be ready for a real trial and to gain understanding and build on their decision-making capabilities. They are the ones who sentence (give punishment to) defendants who are found GUILTY by the jury. They hold the position of 8th in-command within The White House.

*To become a certified District Judge, you must have passed the Bench exam*


District Attorney

A District Attorney (DA) takes the position of either the Prosecution or Defence within a court case or a Mock Trial. District Attorneys that wish to participate/represent their client in a real court case MUST be certified by the Department of Justice (DoJ). District Attorneys are crucial to the Justice system, as they are the ones who partake in court cases and argue their client’s point of view and claims. They hold the position of 8th-in-command within The White House.

*To become a certified District Attorney, you must have passed the Bar exam*



Attorneys are those who are new to the Judicial branch. This is the starting rank where you will learn the basics of being a part of the Judicial branch and hopefully excel to the point of several promotions. We welcome Attorneys with open arms, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to leadership. Furthermore, they hold the position of 9th in-command within The White House

*A Promotion to District Judge or District Attorney, requires either the Bench/Bar exam to be completed or a Department of Justice Review (DoJR)*


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