The Judicial Branch  

About the Branch

The Judicial branch is the legal arm of the White House that is responsible for the administration of justice.
The Constitution grants the Judicial the power to enforce the laws through the court system. The Judicial Branch is also responsible for reviewing and interpreting legislation and punishing those who are proven guilty of committing a crime. As members of the Judicial Branch we uphold the principles of justice and maintain a balance within our organisation. We ensure that the employees of the White House are following our rules and laws.
Being a member of the Judicial branch requires professionalism, a good sense of judgement, and the ability to act without bias when it comes to enforcing the law. We are the first line of defence when it comes to criminal justice, it is within our ability to prosecute crimes and defend members of the White House who are accused of breaking the law, as we help to safeguard the Constitution.

Ranks in Judicial

The current composition of the Judicial Branch contains the following ranks:

  • Chief Justice 4iC
  • Deputy Chief Justice 5iC 
  • Senior Associate Justice 6iC
  • Associate Justice 7iC
  • Solicitor General 7iC
  • District Judge 8iC
  • District Attorney 8iC
  • Attorney 9iC

To view the current members of the Judicial Branch, please visit the community page located here.

If you have any questions about the Judicial Branch, please reach out to any of the tutors listed on our page!


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