The Executive Branch is the administrative branch of the White House, containing the Executive Office of the President as well as several Departments and Offices. Those departments and offices are explained within this section of the EduCentre.


Congress, the Legislative branch and the legislature of the Habbo White House, is charged with creating and maintaining the statute laws of the Habbo White House. Congress is primarily established in Article 2 of the Constitution.


The Judicial Branch is home to the legal system of the White House. It is established through the Judicial Act 2019 which regulates the ranks within the branch. The Judicial Branch comprises of the White House court system, including the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and the District Court.

Secret Service

The Secret Service is the branch of the White House that is responsible for the security of the President and Vice President. The Secret Service train and recruit all new members of the White House and assist the Department of Defense in the Security of the HQ and at events.

Foreign Language Taskforce

The Foreign Languages Task Force is an Executive branch initiative to promote and educate White House community members on languages other than the English language. The education and pages are provided by fluent speakers of those languages. If you see a language that is missing that you'd like to help add to our catalogue, please contact the Executive Office of the President.

Foreign Language Taskforce

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